January 25 - 28, 2018

For 6th - 12th grade students

Oneighty Weekend is the most awesome weekend of the year.  It's an annual event where students get the chance to stay in homes all across the area with their friends, take part in awesome activities, stay up way too late, and most importantly hear from God. The weekend is filled with worship services, small group activities, amazing recreation, and more. 


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What is the student/leader ratio?

We will not know the exact ratio until after registration closes, but our goal is to have one leader for every eight students.

Will my student need money?

Your registration fee covers everything including rallies, sessions, t-shirt, all meals, and recreation. The only items not covered in your registration fee are snacks you may want to bring to your host home and any merchandise you may want to purchase from Jared Wood or Wade Morris (CDs, books, shirts, etc.).

Who are the Host Homes?

Host homes are people within our church that love Jesus and love students. ALL are known individuals that we trust and have had adequate background checks.

Who will my student be spending time with?

While this is a big event, students are broken down into homes. Students may request one person they would like to be in a home with. Homes are separated by grade and gender. We do our best to make sure every students is in a home with at least one friend.

What if I have a game/practice that weekend…can I still come?

Yes! Parents will need to fill out a Time Away card. You will simply slip out when you need to go and return when you are done. We want you to be at whatever part of the weekend you can!

What’s going on Thursday night?

We kick ONEIGHTY Weekend off on Thursday night to give us an early start to the weekend. Students will receive their host home assignment on Thursday night and take part in our first rally, then will return to their own home.

Where do I drop my student off on Friday night?

Your student will receive their host home information on Thursday night. It will include the name of the Host Home, their address, and phone number. On Friday night you will take your student directly to their host home. This will give you the opportunity to meet the host home family and to know where your student will be for the weekend. High School students may drive to their host home, but transportation will be provided until Sunday morning when students will drive to the church.

How can I contact my student in case of an emergency?

Emergency contact information will be given to you at check-in on Thursday. Or you can contact our Student Pastor, Sam Midgett.

What if my student has a food allergy?

Please contact Blythe Sewell at


Thursday, January 25

6:00pm – Check-in at FBC Atrium (downtown campus)

6:30pm – Kick-off Rally

8:00pm – Head Home (your own home)

Friday, January 26

6:00pm – Arrive at Host Homes

6:30pm – Dinner in homes

7:00pm – Rally 2 (Worship Center)

9:00pm – Home Session 1

Saturday, January 27

8:30am – Breakfast in homes

9:30am – Home Session 2

10:30am – Rally 3 (Worship Center)

12:00am – Lunch

 // HS Wristband Ruckus - Afternoon

 //MS Instagram Challenge - 1:00

 //MS Kona Ice - 5:00pm  

6:00pm – Clean Up and Dinner

7:00pm – Rally 3 (Worship Center)

9:00pm – Home Session 3

Sunday, January 28

8:00am – Wake up

9:30am – Breakfast and awards (at campuses)

11:00am – Closing Rally 4

Noon – Go Home and Sleep!


What to Bring

-Sleeping bag and pillow

-Casual clothing for the weekend

-Personal hygiene items (toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, etc.)


-Athletic shoes

-Bible, notebook, pen

What Not to Bring

-iPods, handheld games, DVDs

-Anything for pranks

-Tobacco, drugs or alcohol products


-Prescription drugs will be checked in with home leader. 

Cell Phone Policy:

-In order to limit distractions cell phones will not be allowed during small groups or sessions.

-You can always reach your child through the emergency number of his/her small group leader.